Eclipse Wireline | BenchMark Wireline Announces the Acquisition of Eclipse Wireline


BenchMark Wireline Announces the Acquisition of Eclipse Wireline

27 Jan 2017, Posted by admin in News

Simonton Texas, 23 January, 2017

BenchMark Wireline Announces the Acquisition of Eclipse Wireline.

BenchMark Wireline’s management team of Steve Beck and Joey Mayhugh announce the acquisition of ECLIPSE Wireline. ECLIPSE specializes in the manufacturing of wireline truck units and offers a wide range of products, including OH, CH, SL, mast, crane, quick rig, trailers, and other configurations of wireline trucks. They are located in Logan, Utah, which is in the Rocky Mountain area of the USA. ECLIPSE has been manufacturing wireline units for over 10 years and brings with it many new products and capabilities.

The addition of ECLIPSE Wireline Products Inc. to the other companies in the group, BenchMark Wireline Products Inc. located in the Houston, Texas, area and Zone Power Inc. located in Norfolk, UK, increases the depth and breadth of products the three companies can now offer, as each company specializes in different segments of the wireline hoist unit industry.

BenchMark is the industry leader in wireline depth measurement and recording equipment plus high strength wireline drums. Zone Power produces OH, SL/CH combo units, rig safe, and zone certified offshore wireline equipment, offshore masts, and other offshore wireline equipment. They are the industry leader in ultra-deep, ultra-high tension powered capstan wireline conveyance equipment.

The three companies will complement each other by sharing designs and technologies. Zone Power and ECLIPSE will create common systems such as hydraulic hoist and generator, spooling, and controls. BenchMark will fully integrate its measurement, cabling, display and recording systems, intercoms, and other products into equipment manufactured by Zone Power and ECLIPSE. BenchMark’s industry leading high strength wireline drums and SST collector rings will be standard in both ECLIPSE and Zone Power units. The integration and common systems will help reduce costs.

This new group will be able to produce equipment closer to where it will be operated as it now has equipment manufacturing facilities in both hemispheres. This also allows them to access more easily the available technologies and suppliers worldwide such as oilfield industry standard equipment from Texas and the USA, EX certified products from Europe, Eastern and Western hemisphere truck chassis, and cold weather components from the North Sea.

BenchMark will continue to fully support their current customers (wireline service companies, wireline equipment manufacturers, other OEMs) with their existing products and services. BenchMark will also continue to develop and offer new products to support their customer’s needs.

According to Beck and Mayhugh who have a combined 80 years of experience in the wireline industry, the wealth of engineering resources and manufacturing experience existing in these three companies will ensure the highest quality, most cost effective, and largest variety of wireline units in the industry.

The Management Team consists of:

Steve Beck: CEO, Co-Owner & President of the group of companies

Joey Mayhugh: CTO, Co-Owner & President of each of the 3 companies

Sam Grover: CFO of the group of companies

Roy Edmund: General Manager of Zone Power

Russ Porath: General Manager of ECLIPSE

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