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Thank you for taking the time to learn about our products and let Eclipse Wireline  showcase what advantages we can provide for you and your customers. Eclipse builds premium wireline trucks that have proven field tough and provide a long life of dependable service. You will gain customer confidence when they see the quality and dependability of the equipment that you have invested in. We use only premium components on our trucks. This translates into reduced down time and long term dependable service.

Slickline mast 7



•Our hydraulics are routed in a meticulous and intentional manner to reduce vibration which can transfer into unnecessary noise and wear on the system. Wear pads are used in any situation where contact may be made from the hose to frame. We custom build hydraulic raceways and use hose clamp devices to ensure secure placement. Our hoses are easy to follow and trace in the event of troubleshooting and replacement. All components mounted to the frame are isolated with rubber gaskets to reduce vibration. We also provide full hydraulic schematics with every truckhyd2





• We do both chain drive and direct drive drawworks. Our preferred drum drive design uses a hydraulic direct drive system. This design is powerful, clean, quiet, and highly dependable. It provides optimal high and low speeds for open and cased hole operations. There are less mechanical parts which reduce the points of failure and make for a cleaner and quieter design with optimal dependability. With a trusted design and a smaller footprint, this makes for definite advantage to increase available work space in the drawworks, reduce noise and vibration, and reduce the times between repairs and maintenance.

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• Our van body design uses a patented “Snap-Lock” design that eliminates the need for a welded internal frame and a riveted skin. The body structure is built into the extruded aluminum design. This provides added strength while reducing welds and eliminating the need for a riveted skin. It is a stronger, cleaner design. We have been using this design for over a decade with great success. We also skin, paint, light, and insulate the doors all of our storage compartments. This makes for a cleaner and brighter interior.




• For power generation we use a Harrison hydraulic generator and a Vanner pure sine wave power inverter. This gives dependable power to the truck and clean filtered power to the computer systems. The hydraulic generator has a slide out tray for added cooling and ease of maintenance. We also integrate a trickle charger to replenish the truck battery whenever the truck is plugged into shore power. This is a standard feature on every truck.

Cased Hole Truck 12



• Our electrical system is clearly marked and color coded for easy traceability and troubleshooting. We also provide full electrical schematics with every truck





• We have a local drum supplier that gives us direct service and excellent quality. They are a very sophisticated operation that also have done work for NASA on the space shuttle and currently do parts for defense projects and aerospace. Failure is not an option with this supplier. We also have suppliers in Texas and Louisiana that have decades of experience building and designing drums. This allows us to keep up with demand and still provide optimal quality.





• Our overall design and fit and finish are second to none. We have the best fit and finish in the industry, guaranteed. Our designs are clean, bright, and functional. We create a clutter free work space by placing components out of designated work spaces wherever possible. All of our walls are finished, skinned, and brightly painted. This creates a clean and well lit work area that adds to visual aesthetics and a safer work environment. This makes it easier to keep clean and light effectively. All of our control cabins are insulated with high RV thick density foam and Dyna-Matt rubber insulation to reduce sound and vibration. The result is a quiet and comfortable climatized work space for the operators and your customers.

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• With every truck, we provide a comprehensive owner’s manual that contains our certifications, “As-Built” documentation, operation procedures, maintenance and troubleshooting procedures, vendor information, and our “in-Process” procedures. We also provide parts lists, and detailed hydraulic and electrical schematics and documentation. You get a hard copy and an electronic version on CD.




With all of this, we firmly believe that we offer the smartest solution in the market to help you maximize your investment and provide for you a product that will bring years of dependable service for you and your customers.