Eclipse Wireline | Wireline


Slickline Trucks
Single, double and triple drum options with split drum
and braided line capabilities .

E-line Trucks
Custom open hole and cased hole e-line trucks.

Quick Rig Trucks
Custom quick rig trucks.

Derrick & Mast Trucks
Custom derrick trucks and mast trucks.


Trailer Units
Custom Trailer Unit manufacturing for either slickline or e-line operations. This unit is self powered and self contained. We can customize a set up with the height and weight requirements on the mast and the drum set up to accommodate your preferred wire sizes.

Skids and Container Units
Custom skids and container unit manufacturing.

Control Cabs and Data Vans
Custom Control Cabs and Data Van manufacturing for the oil and gas industry.

Cased Hole Truck & Mast Truck